What Our Clients Say

You’ve given my family the opportunity to be a family again, not caregivers.

We will always cherish the time spent with mom reminiscing and sharing fun stories instead of focusing only on meeting her physical needs.

- Katherine, Family Member

If you need care, this is a very good place to be.

I’ve made friends and we have fun during activities.

- Ellen, Resident

This place is great.

I consider this my home and love the other people that live here. I consider them my family.

- Joanne, Resident

I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first time going through rehab.

Everyone here did their best, and some went beyond, to make my recovery as pleasant of an experience as possible. I would recommend Derby Health and Rehabilitation to anyone who finds themselves in need of such services.

- Mary, Resident

They pushed me and encouraged me to push myself.

I’m almost well enough to go to an apartment, thanks to the social worker helping me find one.

- Robert, Resident

If you are willing to work with them (therapists) you can increase your independence.

They work hard to take care of my individual needs.

- Susannah, Resident

They are very caring.

The people are really nice and really concerned about me. I wouldn’t mind if they were my family.

- Amelia, Resident