Dietary Care

At Derby Health and Rehabilitation we strive to deliver the optimal dining experience.

Each of our four houses offer homelike dining rooms with made to order breakfast. Lunch and dinner feature home style meals with added selections available daily.

Enjoy homemade comfort food on our regular menu, fresh cookies and homemade snacks in the afternoon, and all your breakfast favorites (like biscuits and gravy) served to order every day.

Each of our four kitchens have their own culinary expert, each with different specialties. Invite your family to visit for one of our cooking contests where our talented culinary artists get to show off their cooking expertise. Attend one of our regular cooking classes where you can learn to prepare some of your favorite meals or treats.

We love having guests for meals. You are free to invite friends and family to join any time. When they are here offer them something to drink from our hydration bar. The hydration bar is stocked with coffee, punch, lemonade, hot chocolate, a variety of teas, water, soda and ice. It is available for residents or guests all day.