patients laughing together

Just Like Home

When one enters a house at Derby Health & Rehab they walk into the living room, just as they would when visiting a friend at their home. Imagine your friend sitting in an easy chair watching the mid-morning news while waiting for your visit. Walking in the front door, they greet you with a grin. Together you walk to the dining room table, where you both find a seat for your visit.

Fresh coffee, juice and snacks are available for your friend to offer you, just as they would if you were visiting them at home. In the kitchen, the cook might be busy chopping vegetables and baking bread in preparation for the noon meal.

After visiting, your friend wants to show you something in their room. It is just a few feet away from the commons area, just as it would be at their home. On the nightstand the phone they used to call you sits. Of course, next to that is the remote to the flat-screen television on the wall. “It’s very spacious here,” you think to yourself, “and my friend is walking better.”