Benefits of Short-Term Rehabilitation After Surgery

After surgery, it can be hard to recover, depending on what type of surgery you had. Yet, doctors know that the best thing you can do after surgery is not to be idle, which is one of the main reasons short-term rehabilitation after surgery is usually recommended. Derby Health and Rehab in Derby offers short-term stays for those who have just had surgery. Learn some of the benefits of short-term rehabilitation after surgery, and get in touch today!

Nurse and senior smiling

Restores Self-Confidence

Surgery is trying for anyone, especially for seniors. When you go from an active lifestyle to one that's not-so-active, it can be hard to find the motivation to improve. Short-term rehabilitation centers are staffed with qualified professionals who help you get moving again, restoring your self-confidence.

Nurse handing a senior medication

Specialized Care

With short-term rehabilitation, you will receive customized care. Treatment plans are tailored to the individual, sometimes with multiple sessions. Short-term rehab centers often offer many varied services to better meet your needs, such as occupational, speech, and physical rehabilitation.

Nurse and senior smiling together

Reduces Stress

In a short-term rehabilitation center in Derby, you'll have the continued support you need rather than returning home right away and feeling overwhelmed with the built-up chores and the daily tasks of life. This will help to reduce your stress and let your body concentrate on healing.

Senior and young man smiling on park bench together

Enhances Quality of Life

The purpose of short-term rehabilitation is to help you recover from your surgery and regain certain skills, as well as heal properly without re-injury. By giving you a jump start to your recovery, short-term rehabilitation helps to enhance your quality of life.


Derby Health and Rehabilitation offers the best care for our residents to meet their needs. Our services include nursing care, long-term living, physical therapy, and more. We offer many amenities, including private rooms and baths, as well as courtyards, a salon, and a spa. Get the best care after your surgery. Call today!